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Richard Higby Astrophotography

The Helix  NGC 7293
Helix Nebula photographed by Richard Higby
The Helix also known as "The Eye Of God' - a large bright Planetary nebula displaying the remnants of a dying star. Probably my favourite deep space object. Magic out there!

Distance: 700 light years.

Image Detail:

Scope: Takahashi TOA 130F @ F/7.7 (FL=1000mm)
Camera: STT8300M @ -35 deg C.
Guiding: Internal with SkyX.
Exposures: Narow band - O111 3.25 hours ; Ha 3.5 hours (15 minute subs no flats)
Binning: All 1x1
Processing: CCD Stack / Ps CS5 / Star Tools - Cropped image.
Location: North Sydney suburban backyard.