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Richard Higby Astrophotography

The Key Hole Nebula NGC 3372
The Key Hole Nebula - Named by john Hershel in the 19th century and is part of the Carina Nebula.  The diameter of the structure is approx. 7 light year.

Distance: 10,000 light years.

Image Detail: (Taken during 2009)

Scope: Takahashi TOA 130F @ F/12.3 (FL=1600mm)
Camera: ST2000XMC @ -15 deg C.
Guiding: Internal with CCDSoft
Exposures: Colour 3 x 1200 seconds (an early set of images taken in 2009)
Binning: All 1x1
Processing: Images Plus / Ps CS3 /  - Cropped image.
Location: North Sydney suburban backyard.